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Division Requirement Note
Work Condition Sheet Heating Temperature 175~195 ℃ Adjust by conditions, Materials First In & First Out, Heating temperature difference within 2℃ in sheet
Forming Pressure 5~10 Kgf/㎠ Surface Material Type, Adjust by Bracket simultaneous adhesion
Pressure Time 20~40 Seconds Adjust by forming and cooling, Hollow molding considering the pressed air evacuation time
Product Distribution Temperature Less than 40 ℃ Manage within 2℃ of temperature difference in forming products when distributing
Coolant Oil Passage Design Built-in Cooling Pipe Designed to minimize the mold surface temperature difference
Molding Temperature 10~25 ℃ Operation in more than 40℃ can cause damage of cutting part, Manage within 2℃ of temperature difference in same molding
Coolant Temperature 5~15 ℃ Manage within 2℃ of temperature difference between entrance and exit of coolants in molding
Coolant Pressure about 4 pressure product Adjust by distribution temperature
Surface Material non- attached Surface Scrap Surface Removal Grinding and packaging less than 10mm, then sell to HANYANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD.
Felt attached Scrap Selected Storage Management for foreign materials and humidity, Collect and re-treat by the outsourcing partner of HANYANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD.
Other Unpack Products Unpacking before use Use all after unpack, Form a bubble in long-term negligence
Hollow Molding Product Follow directions Forming principle in same pallet, Especially, deformation when using and mixing with materials in other lot