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Increase the part-forming line CAPA / 6 line
Development of eco-friendly Bamboo stock® (improved VOC & low weight)
Increase the part-forming line CAPA / 5 line
Increase the facility of extrusion CAPA/ 30,0000 tons a year
Start finished part business (thermoforming process)
Development of a series of outer layer materials.
Extension of extrusion facilities for producing 200,000 tons per year
Development of sound-absorption materials
Found technical R&D center
Development of shock-resistant, sound-absorbing, and sound-insulating materials
Develop inflammable enhanced materials,
change the company's name / HANWHA -> HANYANG
The second foundation/ Separation from HANWHA Group
Develop odor reduced materials
Develop the blow molding technology
Develop Bamboo stock® (BPS)
Acquire the recycling mark from the Ministry of commerce,
Industry and Energy